The theatrical-literary installation EGG focuses on the overload of stimuli in our environment and offers a resting point in the midst of the chaos, a low-stimulus alternative. Visitors take a seat in a soundproof vacuum and are carried away in a film of words. Small details that drown in the daily bombardment of impressions suddenly become perceptible.
Author Saskia De Coster describes an encounter within the confines of EGG. Stripped of all noise and distractions, a story unfolds. Only what is inside remains.
Actors Peter Gorissen and Valérie Vertenten are the storytellers on duty. Musician and theater maker Niko Hafkenscheid provides the soundscape.

Concept and design: Kristof Timmerman | text: Saskia De Coster | voice: Peter Gorissen, Valérie Vertenten | recording and soundscape: Niko Hafkenscheid
Production: studio.POC and kc nOna with the cooperation of Technum-Tractebel Engineering and the NMBS