digital artist, director, researcher

Kristof Timmerman is a designer and director of digital performances and installations, working in the field of live, interactive digital environments and virtual reality. He worked for several theater companies, including the experimental CREW. In 2006 he founded the digital artist collective studio.POC with whom he created theater performances and installations such as IPEX (2006), Kroes (2008), Bloggers (2010), EGG (2014), Bodymap (2015) and Empty Mind (2021). 

Kristof is the chair and coordinator of MAXlab, the research group on the interaction between art and digital technology at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. He is involved as promoter and researcher in several research projects on virtual and augmented reality, mostly in a multidisciplinary context. He is connected to the Immersive Lab of the AP University College and organizes the annual summer school ‘Storytelling in Virtual Reality. An Immersive Encounter’. He is a teacher and frequently consulted coach for VR productions and digital storytelling.